Inter-“Librarian” Loans

Whoa, it’s been a while since I updated but a LOT has happened since I last posted. In January I attended the American Library Association’s Midwinter Conference in Chicago. I attended the Public Library Association Conference when it was in Indianapolis but this was different. When I attended PLA I had just started library school and hadn’t really put much thought into research and career plans, this conference was different. With my impending trip to Scotland (14 days!) and being bitten by the bugs of International Librarianship and Comparative Librarianship I had focus and goals. I was able to meet some really great people who are working internationally in libraries and attend some really fantastic sessions about community building and building social capital through library usage. Needless to say, I feel like attending the Midwinter conference was a great library experience – that is, until the snow came.

Unfortunately, Midwinter was the same weekend as Chicago’s fifth largest snowstorm of ALL-TIME! In about a day 19.3 inches of snow fell almost stranding me and my fellow LIS student Tara in Chicago. Thank god for Amtrak, the only major mode of transportation that was still running. If nothing else it proved I can problem solve when it’s crunch time, something I’ll probably need while I’m traveling internationally.

ALA Midwinter Highlights:

  • I met LeVar Burton and he said my name was pretty! His session was phenomenalDisplaying 20150201_121222.jpg
  • I helped author Wesley Chu carry coffee to the TOR booth
  • Edge Initiative session
  • ALL OF IT!

Seriously, even with all the snow and the struggle to get home it was an experience of a lifetime!

I’ve been so busy doing research for my trip but here are some things you can expect from me soon:

Indianapolis Literary/Diversity Events I’ve attended (seriously they’ve been awesome)

  • An introduction to Comparative Librarianship
  • Book reviews!
  • A discussion on International Librarianship and how it differs from Comparative Librarianship
  • Random posts on Harry Potter as I listen to their audio versions over the next few weeks

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