Generation Millennium

A friend of mine recently read something I wrote for school and commented: “It tastes like librarianship and feminism – with just a hint of why should Millennials care”. I found this statement to be hilarious and fairly accurate. It made me realize that part of my decision to start my journey to librarianship is because I want to have an impact on the world. For some crazy reason I feel as though this path is the best way to begin.

I belong to Generation Millennium, which most studies put as being born between 1980 and 1995. Though Horwath & Williamson and Sweeney consider Generation Millennium to be anyone born as early as 1979. This conflicts with Howe and Strauss who start the generation at 1982. For my research I’m sticking with the standard, anyone born in 1980 all the way through 1995. Basically, anyone old enough to have grown up with a personal computer at home or used one in school regularly. The Oregon Trail Generation – which, by the way, you can now play online for free thanks to the Internet Archive.

This is my generation and while some scholars are torn between thinking were the best or worst generation, I think one thing is true: we’re an important, socially active one. And I don’t just mean social media activity, sure according to The Pew Research Internet Project 89% of internet uses between 18-29 utilize social media but it’s more than that. We’re a generation who votes, who are more likely to demonstrate or protest, a generation who is concerned with the environment and economy, and who are raising socially conscious children. But honestly, what’s important to me is that this is me, these are my friends and my peers. Many of my friends have children and it’s interesting to see how those with and without children utilize the public library.

I’ve done some research on what libraries in the United States are doing to engage Millennials but because our information seeking behaviors have become global, I feel like my research needs to become global too.

The date is set, on March 21st I’ll be flying to Edinburgh, Scotland to start my research in comparative librarianship


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