Wow! I can’t believe the last time I posted was for Sons From Afar and I’m ashamed that that was the only post I made in 2014. Luckily, my lack of blogging did not reflect a lack of reading, and while I didn’t hit my goal of fifty books in a year, according to Goodreads I hit 42 books! That’s not taking into account the numerous journal articles and books that I read for my graduate career.

The semester went well and, in exciting news, I’ve been approved for an independent research project that involves me doing some research abroad. That’s right! I’m declaring 2015 the year of The International Librarian! Please keep an eye on this space for exciting information.

I’m sticking to my goal of fifty books to be read in 2015.

Some blog changes to this space for 2015:

Posts! No really, I’ll be posting regularly now.

Tagging and Categories: International Librarianship will now be a key category and related posts will be categorized and tagged accordingly. Feminist Fletcher will also be a key category.

Materials Reviewed: I’ll be making a clearer distinction between what I read and the format (hardcover, ebooks, audiobooks, etc). I plan on including movies and music reviews if the mood strikes me.


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