Rain, Lightning Strikes, Eye of The Storm Part II

Whatever, Whatever, I Read What I Want
Title: Rain, Lightning Strikes, Eye of The Storm Part II
Author: V.C. Andrews
Medium: Hardbacks

Megan and Victoria, oh, this is going to be fun. Megan is in Mrs. Hudson words “A spoiled brat” who had her father give her everything she ever wanted, including having Ken, who worked for the Hudson’s take her illegitimate, biracial child for a measly $10,000. We have, in proper V.C. Andrews fashion, Victoria, Megan’s polar opposite. Victoria is a comical version of how someone thinks a rich unmarried woman would act. Married to the business as they say (no, they actually say this). Megan is beautiful, Victoria is less so (we’ll come back to this fact later). These two girls have one think in common, they are both totally awesome.

Megan’s husband wants to run for Senate, which adds to her desire to keep Rain a secret. So Rain moves in with Megan’s mother, under the guise of being some sort of acting prodigy, this absolutely infuriates Victoria, who has the audacity to show up unannounced during dinner. Rain makes some snappy comments that are kind of boring. Whatever.

Victoria, put back in her place, leaves. And we get to follow Rain to school, which is boring, she’s perfect and impresses her teachers and there’s this awkward moment where you think someone is going to say something horrifically offensive like “you are a credit to your race”, but that is avoided by Rain trying out for the school play. I only mention it because it brings up Megan’s other mistakes children, Brody and Allison.

Allison is of course the polar opposite of Rain, just like her mother pretty much just a bratty kid. Brody on the other hand is okay. Now being that this is a V.C. Andrews book and Megan’s husband is running for the Senate the family can’t possibly know about Megan’s little black indiscretion. Brody of course is therefore smitten with Rain. Yep, both of her brothers, Roy and Brody both totally want to hit that. Oh and some boy named Corbette. Luckily the boy that isn’t related to Rain wins out, leaving all the others heartbroken. Well kind of, Roy joined the army shortly after Rain left home and she only hears from him a few times, most notably when he calls to let her know that their mother (Latisha) has died of lung cancer, whatever. Let’s be perfectly honest, we knew it was coming from the beginning, it’s a V.C. Andrews book, if she had a place to go back to away from all of the batshittery there would be no need for Lightening Strikes or Eye of the Storm.

The thing that I like about the Hudson series is really Victoria. Rain and Megan are pretty stale characters that don’t change very much throughout the course of the books, Victoria however is awesome. For those of you familiar with other V.C. Andrews books, I’d say Victoria is second only to my favorite V.C. Andrews character of all time, Vera, from the standalone My Sweet Audrina.

Anyways, back to the main plot point because Victoria doesn’t start to get really fun until the third book, Rain wins the lead in the school play and is so awesome she gets to go to London to go to a performing arts school there and stay with Mrs. Hudson’s younger sister in their manor. That book is pretty weird and creepy so it’ll get it’s own post, soon.


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