Rain, Lightning Strikes, Eye of the Storm

Whatever, Whatever, I Read What I Want
Title: Rain, Lightning Strikes, Eye of The Storm
Author: V.C. Andrews
Medium: Hardbacks

Hey, I warned you that I’d be grouping stuff together and that I’d be reading some trashy stuff, I read Rain at the end of 2012 but finished the last one in a few weeks ago.

I don’t think there’s a woman in my age group that hasn’t heard of V.C. Andrews and Flowers In the Attic, but many don’t know about the hidden literary masterpiece that is Rain.

That’s not sarcasm in my tone readers, Rain is probably one of the best books that Andrews’ estate has ever come up with, why is that? Because it’s a book about black people clearly written by someone who has at best just a passing familiarity with black people.

For the most part, the series follows the standard V.C. Andrews pattern, which you can read more about at Trapped in the Attic, but for some reason, the books really weren’t that popular. I think it’s mostly because the first book was published in 2000 which is relatively late but people are missing out. Especially because along with Flowers In The Attic, Rain, is one of the only other V.C. Andrews books to be made into a terrible movie.

Rain Arnold lives in Washington, D.C. in a ghetto, rat and roach infested building, with her mother, Tisha, father, Ken, brother, Roy and younger sister Beni. Rain’s father Ken, is an alcoholic who gambles and can’t hold down a job. This is actually a pretty standard background for a father figure in a V.C. Andrews book but Ken is special because his gambling and well wayward ways lead to Rain overhearing that Ken wants to go back to Rain’s “people” and demand more money.

That’s right, Rain is the unwanted child of a white socialite and a black man. This of course causes strife in Rain’s family. Rain’s sister, Beni tells everyone at school which leads to all of them thinking she’s stuck up because of her white blood. Keep in mind this is all occurring at the same time as a subplot that involves Beni being drugged at a party while the Crips (the gang) run a train on her. Yeah.

In typical and glorious V.C. Andrews format, when learning that Rain is not his biological sister, Roy, Rain’s “brother” admits to having feelings for her. Rain, being sane, is totally grossed out and rebukes Roy because she only thinks of him as a brother. Luckily there’s no awkward bathtub scene but there is a lot of awkward touching that at least Rain admits is awkward.

After Beni is viciously murdered by the leader of the Crips, Latisha is determined to get Rain to safety so she manages to convince Megan, Rain’s biological mother to make arrangements to have her live with Rain’s biological grandmother, Mrs. Hudson.  I totally need to do a review of the movie because Mrs. Hudson is played by the forever flaw-free Faye Dunaway. Did I mention that the Hudsons are rich? I mean I don’t think we ever know Mrs. Hudson’s net worth but it’s pretty high, there’s some awkward rich people posturing about dressing for dinner and then we get some dirt on the family.

Mrs. Hudson has two daughters, Megan, Rain’s mother, and Victoria, the younger spinster sister.

But this is getting kind of long so I’ll break this into multiple posts.


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