Whatever, Whatever, I Read What I Want

So I failed at my goal of 75 books last year, and I could post a bunch of excuses about how real life got in my way, how my sister had a baby, blah, blah, blah, but I won’t. I actually did come pretty close, I think I hit about fifty but I didn’t come close to blogging about all of the books that I read.

But it’s 2013, a new year and a new blog, 2011 brought you 50 Books by People of Color, which completely changed how I look at not only what I consider to be “literature” but what types of books that I grab for my casual reading. 2013 was Reading the Rainbow, in which I read books by Authors of Color as well as Gay, Lesbian and Transgender authors.

2013, is going to be different. This year is going to be the year of Cartman.

Well, sort of. In the past I tried to pick books that I wouldn’t be ashamed to be reading in public. This year, I’m saying to hell with it and thus Whatever, Whatever, I Read What I Want. Granted a lot of the books will be the same type I’ve been reading and posting about, some, as you’ll soon see, will be different.

Some other changes:

When I read multiple books in a series I might group them together in one entry.

I added the GoodReads widget so you can get a preview of what will be reviewed and track my progress.

I might update the look of the blog, I might not, whatever, whatever I do what I want.


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