The Pregnancy Project

Reading The Rainbow: Book 31
Title: The Pregnancy Project
Author: Gabby Rodriguez
Medium: Book
I wanted so much to like this book, the premise sounded very interesting. Gabby, a Hispanic-American girl from the extremely poor community of Toppenish, Washington. Growing up in a single parent home, Gabby’s mother had a total of eight children, but many were taken away and were raised by their father. Gabby’s mother, who had her first child as a very young teen had an extremely difficult life.

For her senior project, Gabby decides to do a project that involves her faking a pregnancy and taking notes on peoples reactions to her. Gabby did this knowing that all of her older sisters were teen parents who struggled. I wanted to read this book because I wanted to think that Gabby had a profound reason for wanting to fake a pregnancy, but I was extremely disappointed. Gabby manages to suffer from a big case of not getting it. Her entire attitude throughout the entire book is “I don’t deserve to be treated like this” but not because she feels as though no teenage girl who is pregnant deserves to be treated as though they have ruined their lives, it’s because she feels that it is wrong for people to assume that just because she got “pregnant” her life would be ruined.
The original project was supposed to focus on the stereotypes of people based on their backgrounds, to prove that people thought that because Gabby’s mother and sisters were all teenage mothers she was destined to become one too.The problem is that Gabby had more of an objection to how she, as a special snowflake with good grades was treated, as opposed to society’s treatment of pregnant teenagers.  The whole book involves a lot of very subtle slut shaming, while she doesn’t actually use the phrase “those girls” it’s very clearly in the subtext especially because she reiterates over and over again in the book her pro-life stance.

If the idea behind the project was more of a “this is how pregnant teenagers are stereotyped”, I think I’d be more sympathetic but it really just read as someone who hadn’t grown up enough to learn that very few people will love and support you blindly, regardless of your choices or mistakes.

Overall Rating: 2/5


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