Homecoming and Dicey’s Song

Reading The Rainbow: Book 32 and 33
Title: Homecomming and Dicey’s Song (Tillerman Cycle books 1 and 2)
Author: Cynthia Voight
Medium: Audiobooks

Since I listened to these books in quick succession I figured I should probably review them in one entry. After being abandoned by their mother in a mall parking lot siblings Dicey, James, Sammy and Maybeth travel to their Aunts house by foot. Dicey, the oldest is thirteen and believes that they can make the journey easily but she learns very quickly that she might be in over her head. From under estimating how long it would take them to walk to Bridgeport, Connecticut to trying to feed and shelter her younger siblings, Dicey quickly beings to understand how overwhelmed her mother felt.

A lot of the first book is about the children traveling, meeting interesting people on the road and Dicey trying to enforce a sense of morality on Sammy, who fights and steals. The children do not acclimate well living with the Cousin they find in Bridgeport, so the children run away to find their grandmother who lives on a farm in Maryland.

Dicey’s Song isn’t much different, the theme of finding a place where you belong still exists it’s just more stationary. Knowing they have no real place to go Dicey and her siblings delay moving on from their Grandmother’s home (who doesn’t want them there and makes that very clear) by doing tasks around the farm that they feel they need to complete before moving on. Eventually their Grandmother says they can stay but an interesting power struggle occurs between Dicey and their Grandmother.

Dicey’s Song is actually pretty interesting because it’s kind of like reading a coming of age novel, in reverse. Dicey has to learn how to give up control and allow her Grandmother to be the parent while still dealing with the very real issues of growing up after being abandoned.

Overall Ratings: 3/5, this book is not a fine wine, it didn’t age so well but still readable.


3 thoughts on “Homecoming and Dicey’s Song

    • I liked Dicey’s Song a lot more than Homecoming but I think it’s because I thought all of the children (with the exception of Maybeth) to be kind of annoying. Not inaccurate, just kind of frustrating in that way kids are frustrating. Homecoming also bugged me because of the money thing, it’s just one of those things that when you read and your like “you seriously survived on $3.00 for three weeks?”

      Dicey’s Song was definitely my favorite out of the two because I felt Dicey was more realistic in the way it combined her grief, puberty and trying to adjust to a level of normalcy that none of the children had experienced. It was really well written and I liked Jeff and Mina a lot. I absolutely loved Dicey’s ferocious love of Maybeth. I’ll probably read more Voigt because the writing is so good.

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