Firefly Cloak

Reading The Rainbow: Book 35
Title: Firefly Cloak
Author: Sheri Reynolds
Medium: Audiobook

I know, so many audiobooks in a row, I was reading physical books at the same time as you’ll see in my next entry but I decided to group them together. Anyways, Firefly Cloak. Have you ever read a book and gotten about halfway through and realized that the only characters you like are horrible people? That’s how I felt while I was reading Firefly Cloak. Tessa Lee and her younger brother, Travis, are abandoned by their mother in a state park and move in with their grandparents. After Travis’ tragic death Tessa Lee goes in search of their drug addict mother.

Tessa Lee is horribly naive, which is sometimes endearing but generally extremely annoying. The only character I really wanted to like is Tessa Lee’s grandmother, but then about halfway through the book she starts saying some stuff that’s pretty racist. It’s stuff that even she as a character acknowledges is kind of offensive, like thinking that people of different races shouldn’t socialize (and her astonishment that both Tessa Lee and Travis’ fathers are white) and for me it was really hard to think that someone who holds ideas of racial superiority as still being a “good person” so it detracted from the one rational, non-drug addicted, not recovering from feelings of abandonment perspective.

This book at it’s core is very much like The Secret Life of Bees (and is narrated by the same voice actress) so if you’re going to read one and not both, go for The Secret Life of Bees, it’s problematic in it’s own respect but at least there are people of color that exist outside of being simply objects of fear or lust.


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