I know, I know

I’ve been really terrible about blogging this year and I plan on remedying that soon, but that said, I feel compelled to post right now!
Last night, several weeks ago now, with my friend Jenny, I attended Margaret Atwood giving a lecture at Butler University. That’s right, the Margaret Atwood. Author of such works of literature as The Handmaid’s Tale, Oryx and Crake and my personal favorite The Year of The Flood. Originally scheduled in the Reilly Room at Butler, due to the amount of press the event received Butler made the very wise decision to move the event to Clowes Auditorium. A good thing, because the first level of the auditorium was almost completely full.

As the lights dimmed a hush fell over the auditorium, it was as if a collective realization that we were about to witness not just a feminist icon, but a living legend. For the first time in my going to an event all cell phones were actually turned off or muted and a reverent silence captivated the audience. Margaret Atwood didn’t get the memo that it was supposed to be a serious evening.She took the stage with her characteristic wit and charm and throughout her entire lecture had periods of time where she had the audience roaring with laughter.

The lecture was divided into three parts. The first: “What is the Future” an interesting and complex subject that Atwood tackled easily and jovially. The second part:”How do you Write About the Future” in which she discussed the history of science fiction and speculative fiction. Finally the third part: “How I Write about Science Fiction” where she discussed some of her inspirations for writing The Handmaid’s Tale. Needless to say it was an evening I’ll remember always.

And next time I promise to remember to hit publish and not save as draft. Gah!


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