Girls Like Us

Reading The Rainbow: Book 10
Title: Girls Like Us
Author: Rachel Lloyd
Medium: Book

Girls Like Us is a poignant look into the commercial sexual exploitation of youth in the United States. It doesn’t come across as a “woe is me, look at how difficult my life is/was” instead it presents facts intermixed with personal stories of Rachel Lloyd and other young women (really girls) who have been commercially sexually exploited.

It’s a heartbreaking book when you realize how young most of the girls that Lloyd’s non-profit GEMS deals with, how so many fall into a life of prostitution and drugs simply because they are seeking something that everyone should have, love. One of the reason this book was so effective is that Lloyd herself was in the sex industry, working as an exotic dancer and later as a prostitute, it’s not written as a sterile, clinical work that distances itself from the subjects and the subject matter. Lloyd’s book is in your face, gritty and often ugly. It makes you want to cry, to hope and to do something all at the same time.

Overall Rating: 4/5


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