Speed Dating

Reading the Rainbow: Book 7
Title: Speed Dating
Author: Nancy Warren
Medium: e-Book

I was going to just skip over this one, why you ask, because it was just awful, but Nancy Warren does technically count under my criteria for Reading the Rainbow so not including this book would make me feel disingenuous.

Speed Dating is a NASCAR romance, which I didn’t actually have a problem reading even though I’m not a fan of romance novels or NASCAR. I wasn’t expecting anything high-brow from this book and yet it still somehow managed to fall short of my minuscule expectations.

Kendall Clarke is our heroine, she’s an award winning actuary and is engaged to Marvin, a co-worker, and who we learn in the first chapter has been cheating on her with some other co-worker and he’s managed to get flat barely a character, co-worker pregnant. So of course, he dumps poor Kendall actually using the words “delicate state”. Oh readers if that doesn’t make you want to throw up in your mouths then keep reading because it gets better.

Kendall manages to run into Dylan Hargreave, a fictional NASCAR driver, who manages to convince her to be his date to his ex-wife’s wedding. Actually, that’s an understatement, thinking that she’s an actress, he convinces her to pretend to be hopelessly in love with him. Of course his ex-wife is still in love with him, she basically says so right before she marries some other hapless chump, who actually loves Dylans’ ex-wife.

Have you recovered from gagging yet? I barely have but I must brave on. Kendall rejects her award because she feels like she failed at doing whatever her job was, really it was absolutely stupid and no one with any self-esteem would have done what she did, it’s just silly. She ends up following Dylan around on the NASCAR circuit and giving him kisses for good luck but they’re magic kisses and he starts winning races or something stupid.

This book was painful to read, I was at least hoping for really awkward NASCAR or any type of car references during the romantic scenes, but no.

Actually, there were no romantic scenes, Kendall and Dylan were about as romantic as two ducks watching paint dry. There weren’t any hilarious awkward references to clutches or pit stops or anything. Actually, if you’re looking for a romance novel with any type of physical intimacy mentioned then this isn’t the book for you because it has none.

Overall Rating: 1/5 WTF did I just read
Classification: Female Authors, Horrible books, Romance


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