First Love: A Gothic Tale

Reading The Rainbow: Book 6
Title: First Love: A Gothic Tale
Author: Joyce Carol Oates
Medium: Book

I didn’t mean to grab another Oates book so quickly after finishing Zombie, but First Love: A Gothic Tale I was able to procure for free and since I looked like a quick read I jumped right in. The story follows Josie, an eleven-year-old girl who, with her mother, have moved in with her Great Aunt and her cousin Jared.

Oates tries to draw this odd parallel between Josie and Jared and Eve and Satan, with Jared first appearing to her as a huge black snake. I decided to take that metaphor as an awakening for Josie, because otherwise, it’s just awkward.

Really, awkward is the best word to describe this book. It’s really what I’d consider to be Gothic or romantic but it was a really short read and I don’t really regret it. I’ve read “better” books about child sexual abuse but this one manages to portray a pretty disturbing relationship between Josie and her cousin Jared.

Overall Rating: 2/5


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