Reading The Rainbow: Book 4
Title: Flight
Author: Sherman Alexie
Medium: Audiobook

It was only a matter of time before I picked up another Sherman Alexie. Between last years and reading Reservation Blues for an English class in college I consider myself to be fond of Alexie’s work.

Flight follows fifteen-year-old Zits as he wakes up in yet another foster home. Zits is half-Native American Indian and half Irish and 100% miserable. His mother died when he was six of cancer and his father took off the day he was born. Zits, looking for acceptance teams up with Justice, a white troublemaker who he meets in jail.

Under Justice’s pressure, Zits takes two guns, one paintball and one real to rob a bank. Somehow Zits finds himself transported through space and time, again and again, learning the value of life and death. Zits finds himself in the bodies of several people, including an FBI Agent, a mute Native American boy during General Custer’s Last Stand, and a pilot who is cheating on his wife named Jimmy. All of these events change Zits and makes you hope that he gets a second chance.

Overall Rating: 3/5
Classifications: Native American
Young Adult


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