Island of Lost Girls

Reading the Rainbow: Book 2
Title: Island of Lost Girls
Author: Jennifer McMahon
Medium: Audiobook

If Island of Lost Girls were to be made into a movie, it would have to star Kristen Stewart as Rhonda. Why Kristen Stewart? Well, once a long time ago I decided it would be a good idea to watch Twilight. Kristen Stewart is such a boring, blank slate of an actress I can only envision someone who brought “life” to Bella Swan, being Rhonda and I think Kristen Stewart would at least make Rhonda more tolerable.

The back of the book would like you to believe that this book is about how Rhonda stood by and did nothing as six-year-old Ernestine Florucci is kidnapped by someone in a rabbit suit, and how all signs point to it being Peter, a lifetime friend. The back of the book lies. This book is about the fact that Rhonda is in love with Peter. No seriously, this book is 272 pages long, and about 200 of them are about how Rhonda is in love with Peter, but Peter fell in love with Tock. There’s also a really excruciatingly awkward portion of the book where Rhonda is in the hot tub with Tock and Peter and how it’s extremely disturbing how she just kind of inserts herself into their relationship.

The thing is Rhonda is so obsessed with Peter that she is a flat, boring, lifeless character in every other way. She doesn’t have (or apparently particularly want) a career, a life, or a relationship with anyone but Peter. It’s like that scene in Practical Magic where Nicole Kidman says “Jimmy Angelov” over and over again, in fact this book could have just been 272 pages of Rhonda spinning in a circle and saying Peter over and over again.

Rhonda was insufferable as a character; not only is she obsessive, she’s not even the good “Single White Female”, “Basic Instinct” kind of obsessive; she’s a bleak, sad character that I could barely muster interest in.

Overall Rating: 1/5, I read you for bookclub
Classifications: Women


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