Mare’s War

50 Books by Authors of Color: Book 48
Title: Mare’s War
Author: Tanita S. Davis
Medium: eBook

It’s New Years Eve and I have great news, I only have one book left that I haven’t finished reading! So as long as there isn’t a robot uprising, I should be able to have my 50th book read and posted about before tonight’s New Years Celebrations start!

However, let’s not that detract from the excellent book that is Mare’s War. I read another book by Davis earlier this year, A La Carte, and I was expecting something similarly light. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Actually, I’m going to detract from the book for one moment to share a link with all of you that I stumbled upon after starting reading this book.

You should all stop reading this post right now and go look at those pictures of real life African American female soldiers during World War II.

Mare’s Ware is the story of a cross country road-trip of two teenager girls, Octavia and Tali, with their grandmother, called Mare over the summer. At least, that’s what the back of the book would leave you to believe. The truth is that the real star of the story is Mare, whom, the girls actually know very little about. As the family begins their cross country drive, destination unknown to them, Mare begins to talk about her childhood.

Mare and her younger sister Josephine (called Feen and later Josie) live with there mother in the poverty stricken south. At seventeen, Mare has already dropped out of high school and works two jobs to help pay the mortgage on the family home as well as to save up money. When their mother’s boyfriend becomes physically and sexually aggressive towards Mare, Feen is sent to Philadelphia to live with an Aunt and Mare decides to lie about her age and join the colored regiment of the United States Army.

The Army is still segregated during World War II and it shows, but that doesn’t stop Mare and her fellow female soldiers from doing their duty to their country and doing it well.

Overall Rating: 5/5, go read this book and look at pictures of awesome soldiers of color.


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