50 Books by Authors of Color: Book 14
Title: Lucy
Author: Jamaica Kincaid
Medium: Book

Lucy is a nineteen-year-old woman from the West Indies who moves to the United States to be the Au Pair for a white couple named Mariah and Lewis and their four children. A couple that on the outside seem to be beautiful, happy and rich. Lucy however soon notices that this happiness seems to be on the surface. The book follows Lucy, Mariah, Lewis and their children for approximately one year, as Lucy watches the slow but steady decline of Mariah and Lewis’ marriage. Lucy is reflecting on her own relationship with her family, which is revealed in subtle hints until Kincaid lays the hard truth of why Lucy relocated to the United States and why she is estranged. Lucy is also trying to make her own connections with people both through sex and friendship.

The book is short and not very action oriented but that doesn’t make it less interesting. I think the fact that Kincaid introduces the changes in the relationships, slowly, makes it a more realistic decline. It’s a perfect depiction of how a relationship falls apart both slowly overtime and rapidly.

Overall Rating: 4/5


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