Flyy Girl

50 Books by Authors of Color: Book 12
Title: Flyy Girl
Author: Omar Tyree
Medium: Book
Flyy Girl

So it finally happened, I finally read a book that I felt was so bad I had to struggle to finish it. I’m sure it won’t be the last time that happens but Omar Tyree’s Flyy Girl really got under my skin in a bad way.

The book follows Tracy Ellison from age seven until age seventeen in a neighborhood in Philadelphia during the 1980’s. Tracy is concerned above all else with being “fly” especially among boys. From an early age Tracy chases boys, and decides to manipulate them into liking her, but as soon as she loses interest or the boy gives in too easily she dumps them, and moves on to another boy. Tracy does this partially to replace the father figure she lacks from her absentee father Dave. Dave and Tracy’s mother Patty are still married, however Dave has moved out and lives in his own apartment, proving Tracy and Patty money in order to appease them.

Tracy, following in the footsteps in her slightly older neighbor Mercedes, begins sneaking out of the house and dating a very long string of boys. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for sexual freedom but the majority of her encounters including her first sexual encounter occur when Tracy is only thirteen to an older local tough-guy later drug dealer named Victor. Tracy continues her reckless lifestyle, dating a drug dealer named Cash and other unsavory men and boys simply because they buy her things. After discovering her neighbor and former idol Mercedes has become a drug addict, Tracy does begin to turn her live around and trying to focus on preparing for college.

I loathed this book, and not for the vapid teenage girl conversation. Tracy was not a likable protagonist, even in books I dislike if the protagonist is likable, or at the very least one I can relate too, the book tends to be bearable. Tracy disrespected her parents, walked over boys like they were stepping stones, and almost worst of all, treated her friends horribly. The 1980’s machismo that Tyree makes his male characters exude is disgusting, and the fact that Tracy, her mother and almost all of the other female character eat it up like it’s candy is deplorable.

Not to mention there are two instances where young men consider raping women, only to talk themselves out of it. One using the justification that his mother would kill him and the other deciding that a rape charge wasn’t worth it. I’m trying very hard not to use profanity in this blog (even thought it contains adult themes) but what the fuck Omar Tyree? Seriously. This book was a walking misogynists’ wet dream that made me froth at the mouth.

Overall Rating: 1/5 — I decided not to give anything a 0/5 but this really tempted me.


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