Don’t Erase Your Dreams

50 Books by Authors of Color: Book 8
Title: Don’t Erase Your Dreams
Author: Joe Wesley Cooper
Medium: Book

Joe Wesley Cooper is a man who has taken control of his life. Born and raised in Mississippi, Cooper attended a school that by passing him, failed him. Cooper could neither read nor write due to a combination of undiagnosed dyslexia and a school system that was apparently unwilling or unable to deal with his disability. Cooper led a life of addition to drugs and alcohol until one day at the age of 38 he walked into the Indianapolis Public Library and asked a librarian to help him learn to read. The librarian referred him to an organization known as Indy Reads, which helped Mr. Cooper take charge of his life.

Cooper is now married, working, owns a house and a car, and most importantly is reading at a 5th grade level. Cooper still works daily on his educational attainment.

Most of the events above take place in Cooper’s book, From Day Dreamer to Dream Catcher. Don’t Erase Your Dreams takes the reader on a different path. Reading more like a conversation Don’t Erase Your Dreams is a tale of redemption. Cooper’s message is a powerful one: that you can come back from the depths of despair. His tone is inspirational but he speaks from a place of understanding that resonates. Cooper has been hurt, he has been mistreated but he fought his way to a place of peace, understanding and love.

From Day Dreamer to Dream Catcher is an independently published book. If you are interested in buying a copy please email him at


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