A Long Overdue Post

I can’t believe I haven’t updated since January. That’ll teach me for complaining about my favorite blogs taking weeks to update. I’m pretty sure that most of you who read this either know me in real life or read my personal journal often enough to know that I am still alive.

The first five months of this year have been extremely busy ones, I took five classes and worked full time. Things started to get a really hectic really fast and I was unable to keep up with everything and still post here. For that readers, I do apologize.

I plan on paying much more attention to this space, especially now that I am in my very last session for school (taking only two classes, Statistics and Urban Structure and Policy) and those will be over in the next few weeks.

My goals for this blog have changed a bit, I do still plan on reading and snarking all of the 18 Pine Street books, but I also have some reading goals for 2011 that will probably be expressed here.

For one thing, I plan on reading all of the Margaret Atwood books that I haven’t yet. I plan on keeping you updated on the progress of that goal.

My other goal this year is to read fifty books by authors of color. I minored in English Literature and there was the occasional book by an author of color thrown in, but these averaged one or two books per class. This past semester I took American Ethnic and Minority Literature which was a fantastic class that read books from all types of American Immigrants.

I also took Conversations with Shakespeare (I promise, it wasn’t as bad as it sounds). The class focused on inter-textuality with Shakespeare and other works, so we got to watch some interesting movies and most interesting, read some very interesting Caribbean Literature that was based on Shakespearean plays. All of this made me want to read more books by authors of color and so my goal is that for this blog, by January 1st, 2012 I will have read and reviewed fifty books by authors of color.

Wish me luck!


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