18 Pine Street

I picked up the books from the Post Office this morning! Is it bad that I’m actually completely excited about reading and recapping these? Thought I realized that the lot I ordered off of eBay was only 11 of the 12 books published (it wasn’t an error, they only had 11 out of 12), but I did manage to locate a copy on Amazon and order it.

So my goal for this week, aside from cooking Thanksgiving dinner for me and my fiance’ Michael, is to finish book one, “Sort of Sisters” staring Sarah Gordon and her cousin, Tasha. But as just a teaser, I’ll give you the back of the book synopsis, starting with the part that’s on the back of every book:

18 Pine St. . . . The Place to be

It’s the hot new hangout where Sarah Gordon, her cousin Tasha, Cindy Phillips, Kwame Brown, April Winter, Dave Hunter and Jennifer Wilson meet to talk about their friends, dating – and life at Murphy High.

And specific to book 1, Almost Sisters:
Sarah Gordon is looking forward to her junior year at Murphy High. There are going to be a lot o changes in her life, including the fact that her cousin Tasha is moving in with the Gordon family. Tasha is a lot like Sarah … so why can’t the cousins get along? Sarah isn’t sure what to do about their problem, but she does know it’s about to get worse. Tasha’s setting her sites on Dave Hunter, the boy Sarah likes. Will Tasha steal Dave’s heart before he knows how Sarah feels about him?

I only kind of remember this book, but I’m hoping it all comes back to me when I read it. Needless to say, I am completely excited, is that bad?


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