Star Trek Voyager Episode Recap – Remember

I know I promised you a movie, but things at home have been crazy! I’m still getting over a case of severe anti-biotic resistant bronchitis, getting ready for final exams and preparing to host Thanksgiving with my fiance’, Michael for the very first time. Needless to say, very, very busy!

I did however take some time last night to watch a few episodes of Star Trek Voyager, very randomly and extremely out of sequence. I ended up watching “Remember” “Macrocosm”, “Warlord” and both parts of “Basics”. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed Voyager, and I realize that I need to purchase the last four seasons, eventually. But anyways, here’s Remember.

Voyager, with all the time in the world to get to the Alpha Quadrant are giving a ride to a group of aliens called “Enarans”to their main homeworld. But this wouldn’t be Star Trek: Voyager if it was just an easy journey, oh no. Lieutenant B’Elanna Torres starts having some very intense dreams. So intense in fact that she tells Commander Chakotay that they’re “The most sensual dreams she’s ever had”, there’s a little adorable/disturbing back and forth where Chakotay is obviously trying to figure out if he’s a part of these very sensual dreams. Gross, back off Chakotay, B’Elanna’s totally not thinking about you.

In fact, B’Elanna doesn’t even know the man she’s dreaming about, only that he’s an Enaran. DUN DUN DUN! What’s more, her dreams are more than just dreams, these dreams are telling a story about the love affair between the young Korenna and a young man named Dathan, who is part of a group of undesirables called “Regressives”. Obviously Korenna’s father does not approve, so Korenna has her loyalties torn between her father and her lover.

Back on Voyager B’Elanna’s in deep trouble, these dreams she’s been having are causing her to over sleep. Not only that but she passed out in a corridor outside of engineering. The Doctor with no name gives her a little device to block out the dreams and they confront the main Enaran, Jor Brel, who says that B’Elanna’s probably just picking up fragments of memories from all of the Enarans on the ship and her mind is putting them into this story. Yeah, I’m calling bullshit on that, B’Elanna does too, well sort of. Her curiosity gets the best of her and she takes off the memory blocking device. I totally don’t blame B’Elanna for this, I’d want to know what happens too.

It turns out that Korenna’s father is in charge of a resettlement project for the Regressives, who’s only crime is that they’re the Amish of their planet. No seriously, they’re anti-technology, that’s it. But Dathan sneaks into Korenna’s room and tells her that there are rumors that the resettlement project is a scam, that the transports don’t go anywhere, that they’re being killed off. Korenna’s father knocks on the door, Dathan hides, and Korenna’s father tells her that these rumors are ridiculous, that he can’t believe people would make up such “horrible lies”. Yeah, scare quotes.

Anyways, Korenna rats Dathan’s hiding spot out, he’s captured, and we see the next day where he and another Regressive are executed. Now I have to admit, the fact that they basically used a great big toaster oven on “megadeath” to execute them was, interesting. The scene ends with them cheering and B’Elanna doing a totally Hilter-esque one hand in the air cheer. Subtle Voyager, subtle. You just snuck that whole, this is totally a parallel with Nazi Germany and the Jews, oh Star Trek you sneaky snake.

Anyways, we later see B’Elanna/Korenna telling a group of children that the Regressives destroyed themselves with diseases.

Back on Voyager Korenna/Jor Mirell is dead, she gave B’Elanna her memories because unlike the other Enarans, B’Elanna wouldn’t deny them. B’Elanna, the pinnacle of level headedness bursts into a party that Neelix is having for the Enarans and accuses them of murdering Jor Mirell/Korenna, and obviously, of a holocaust genocide. Of course the Enarans deny it, but in the end B’Elanna shares Korenna’s memories with a young Enaran woman who had been working with her in engineering (who has totally been giving Harry Kim the business) in an effort to have the Enarans find the truth.

The End!


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