Dear Readers (are there any of you)?

I know my original goal for this blog was to do Sailor Moon recaps, and one day I probably will, but today I had an epiphany while reading an excellent blog known as The Dairi Burger.  The Dairi Burger is now slightly defunct, but the blogger persists at Down On Jump Street, where they recap, you guessed it, episodes of 21 Jump Street.

When I was young living in Detroit with my four sisters (three older, one younger) the three older ones and I became obsessed with 18 Pine Street. I’d include a Wikipedia link, but alas, there isn’t one. Which honestly is a shame because if I recall they were the Urban and Ethnic equivalent of Sweet Valley High and the classic After School Special. Dealing with hot topic issues such as racist jokes, teenage pregnancy, and cheating on tests.

Anyways, I found them on eBay, all twelve of them. Sadly yes, this series of books only lasted twelve books, but I now officially own them all. Hopefully they’ll ship soon. In the meantime I’ll post a movie review sometime this week. What movie? Uhhh, that’s a good question, I plan on seeing “For Colored Girls” soon, but I don’t know if that will happen as soon as I would like it. Most likely I’ll review something I’ve never seen before, which means breaking into my fiance’ Michael’s movie collection.


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