The Beginning

Welcome to Mahasin In The Morning, a pseudo-literary-television-movie-whatever blog.  I got the idea for the name of this blog from a former co-worker of mine.  When it was announced I was leaving she said that she had gotten so used to reading the “Morning Notes” that I sent out daily with her morning coffee, that not getting them anymore would feel like her morning routine had been thrown off.  She said that she would miss “Mahasin In the Morning” and thus, a blog was born.

The first blog post is always the most awkward to write, trying to convince you, the reader, why you should stick around to read my opinions on stuff, trying to be funny, inventive and all that jazz, when really it just comes across as being forced.  So instead, I’m going to talk about my next post.

My first goal for this blog is to do recaps of the first season of Sailor Moon, starting with the intro.  The version I’ve rented is in Japanese with English subtitles, but I fully intend on talking about the English/American version that I  grew up watching.

After that (and between) who knows, I have a ton of “awful” books I’ve been meaning to review.


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